Wipe the Shit off our Shoes

With all due respect to Jeremy Corbyn, he is locked in a cupboard surrounded by a legion of self interested neo-liberal fanatics and they have set his arse on fire.

The New Labour careerists have decided, at a very early stage, how few of their personal comforts they are prepared to sacrifice for the unwashed masses. In the newly gentrified lounges of North Lambeth, and the rustic £30 a bottle wine bars, they have gouged a ditch in the sand with their Italian leather brogues. The revolution will not be gushed over.

Having spent a generation nesting in the belly of the laughably labelled ‘Workers Party’, they aren’t about to give way to the actual workers with their racing pigeons, flatulence, flat caps and chasm wide vowels. This is their age. Chilling with well heeled hipsters, ‘Belgium out of Trumpton’ fundraisers, savings discreetly burrowed away and ‘I don’t know how we afford it but its worth the struggle’ Tuscan cottages. This is the new voice of the starving, homeless and oppressed. A silent voice. In fact a choir of silent voices all checking their blackberries and endorsing each others offspring for rare job opportunities.

There is no point highlighting the immoral criminality of the Tories anymore. No matter how brightly you shine the lamp, how repulsive the revelations are, they don’t care. They revel in our contempt. They need to be destroyed and that can’t be done until the Blairite effluence has been swilled off the windscreen. Any potentially effective left wing mobilisation will be drowned at birth by the middle class faux compassionate element who exist to perpetuate their own comfort. It’s a trait of the middle class intelligentsia to join and then to consume. In politics, law, the media, arts and any other arena they don’t share. They recognise opportunity and they make it theirs alone. Spoiled brats hot housed to succeed and programmed not to share. If Timmy has cake and you want cake, use your connections to take 90% of his cake and then stamp on the remaining 10% so that yours tastes that little bit sweeter.

This is a generation of Labour politicians who understand and sympathise with their Tory counterparts. They know them. They grew up with them, went to school with them, ejaculated nto the same pig’s heads as them. They share a class and that class will always put its own before any other interest. They wear red ties because, when the time came to choose, Labour seemed to have the better career opportunities. Just as much as the rest, they despise the poor and they exist to defend and nurture capitalism.

People who will vote for austerity cuts, tax credit cuts, outrageous nuclear weapon spending, bombing uppity foreigners, anti Trade Union legislation, corporate tax theft and any manner of bigotry. All because it suits their class and the expansion of their status and security.

These people have effectively rendered this country a one party state. They will throw any attempt to encourage equality and fairness under the bus. Consider the outrage at the suggestion that £100 billion may be better spent on education, health and creating employment than on a capitalist nuclear cock. A piece of ordinance designed by men to wipe out vast numbers of innocent lives, for the sake of imperialist expansion and new business markets. People who claim to be Socialist, they aren’t and never could be, supporting this satanic monstrosity and why ? Do we really have intelligence that Uncle Joe didn’t disappear in 53 ? Was he cryogenically frozen by those pesky Reds and they aim to defrost him any minute now ? Lets be honest, he will be furious at how its turned out and he may just want to turn America’s favourites lapdog into a radioactive waste just to make a point. Alternatively, lets accept that nothing is so powerful it’s a deterrent in the hands of the Capitalist cabal, stop fantasising about being a global power and spend the money on making a better life for everyone.

Point is, they aren’t supporting Trident to defend the old Nazi’s Realm. They support it because they don’t want to upset America. America with its huge wads of cash oozing from every lobbyist. Its 20 grand a pop Bible Belt lecture tour circuit for retired/unseated foreign politicians who played the game. Embrace Trident and appease the land of the golden pension.

Continue to treat Trade Unions as a Trotskyite plot to have the Queen in shackles by Xmas and the first 3 weeks of Bake Off being contestants queuing for sawdust bolstered flour. Dig up the dark days of the 70s and the gleaming eyed fanatics attacking from within. I was there. I was a kid but I was there. I’m old enough. Its not just propaganda, its fantasy. Britain was on its knees because of generations of jaw dropping mismanagement, a failure to embrace industrial modernisation and a culture of attacking every reasonable demand from the workers. It wasn’t the Unions, it was the bosses. Same as today, backed by a complicit media willing to lie for the old school tie. Stop rewriting history and stand up for the 99%.

The housing market is perverse. The Evil Empress introduced Right to Buy and buried rent control legislation because she was a shopkeepers daughter and was aroused by the scent of coin. She envisaged a tighter version of property poverty and it has come to pass. Bloated, greedy bastards owning dozens of properties and pushing up rents more and more. More money into fewer pockets. Enslaved just to keep a roof over your head and no savings, comfort zone or hope. Keep the serfs desperate and they will do more work, in worse condition for less pay. Why aren’t Labour MPs screaming at the outrage ? Have a look at how many of them are landlords.
I heard a multiple property landlord on BBC, unchallenged of course, suggesting that every tiny wage increase meant that people could pay more rent. The assumption that all of the purse must be his. A parasite. Nobody raised a solitary note of objection. In a better age, this man and his ilk would be dragged into the street and hanged from his own guttering.

How many will have the guts to support scrapping tuition fees ? People who had expensive educations, with non refundable grants, lumbering my children with decades of struggle. Educate them to a point and harness them with massive debt. The more they worry about where their kids will sleep, the less fuss they will make about the crimes of the rich.

Corbyn mania has been an interesting distraction. Until he purges the Blairites, careereists and capitalist fanatics, it will never be anything else. What he may be remembered for is as the spark in a bigger movement. A change of culture that finally accepted that there is an alternative to greed. A voice backed by many that screams ‘enough’. If not, its just darkness.

46 thoughts on “Wipe the Shit off our Shoes”

  1. We need blokes like you with opinions like yours here in Australia! The limousined Left supporting Abbott and Turnbull all the way. It’s a bloody disgrace!

  2. Wonderful piece of writing. Your take on trident is the most accurate overview I have ever read. I was around in the 70’s, (in my late teens/early 20s), and agree with every word you say about that period. It is now painted as some sort of Unionised ‘black hole’ and nothing could be further from the truth.
    Thankyou for writing this, I hope that Corbyn will spark a greater realisation that there is a decent alternative to the self serving scum who occupy power now.

      1. By now; it must of past many a person’s mind reading these words that they come from a city whose late son originated the beautiful song for us all – IMAGINE.

  3. Spot on brother. All it needs is a couple of pointy headed wonk heads lined up on spikes outside the job centre to make my day complete. Top stuff.

  4. Wish I’d said that! Your analysis has lanced my festering inarticulate feelings about the attacks on all sides to common decency and humanity by the global selfservatives.

  5. Thank God for people like you. I live in the middle of Tory land and people look at me with pity in their eyes. So sick of being patronised.
    Also thank God for Corbyn et al. Never thought it would happen in my lifetime but know he will be got at and it will kill me.

  6. As so many have already said, nail on the head. This is being shared enthusiastically by my friends and like minded Facebookers.

  7. There may be some truth in these statements – but it is wrapped up in rhetoric and because of this the message is needlessly blunted. We cannot expect one man to be a saviour – we need the people to rise up as one in support – because as capitalism approaches its messy end – we do not want a neo-liberal future with a master rich class, but a society with equality and wealth distribution. Jobs are going to decrease – machines will do the work and the price of commodities will be driven down. Our children need to be aware of this – stop looking for jobs and take their places in the new society. So I would say – stick to the plain truth in every word and deed

  8. Awesome!
    Encapsulates perfectly my rage at the rotten core of Thatcher and post Thatcher Britain. “Will the last person to leave this toilet please turn out the light?”

  9. The reason the tory cnuts have managed to succeed is because they took the gaze of the ordinary people away from the enemy within.
    From Kinnock onwards a coup took place, save for Smith who I still believe was ‘seen to’ ,that abandoned its own people to become the guilty conscience of the nouveau greedy.
    It is right to look at the ‘left’ (sic) of the recent past for their responsibility and contribution. We knew the tories were tw@s they do what they do, you don’t see it coming from your own.
    Good piece.

  10. Excellent piece. I am encouraged by the fact that most of the Blairite clones have no idea or even willingness to fight their corner. Most will already be scanning the jobs section of the Financial Times and have no intention of seeking re selection, although they will keep on drawing their MP’s salary until 2020. Of course they will do as much damage to Corbyn’s leadership as they can which is why it is essential for new members, and those like myself, returning members to keep the pressure on. Labour will be, I sincerely hope, a party that abides by its members wishes, and representatives such as MPs need to accept that or piss off back to the city.

  11. Really fucking good – particularly, for me, this: “The Evil Empress introduced Right to Buy and buried rent control legislation because she was a shopkeepers daughter and was aroused by the scent of coin. ” I take my hat off to you.

  12. This is a wonderful piece of writing. Corbyn and his disciples still have an enormous hill to climb. I suspect the hill may be too steep. Here’s hoping that it’s not and that people are desperate enough to say enough is enough.

  13. well done for a passionate and articulate article – we all need to keep this level of argument continuously with friends, family. As john harvey above said “enough is enough “

  14. You had me from the first sentence, “With all due respect to Jeremy Corbyn, he is locked in a cupboard surrounded by a legion of self interested neo-liberal fanatics and they have set his arse on fire.” What an image!!!

  15. Perfectly spelled out the truth of it and how a lot of us feel. Thank you.
    If Corbyn fails it’s time to take matters into our own hands.

  16. I had to restrain myself from yelling “PREACH IT BROTHER” and similar as I read this.
    And I’m not even British. The same shit happens everywhere, and there are no old fashioned leftist movements left. They get eaten by the middle class and then they decide that it’s better to focus on feel-good politics, instead of building a better country.

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