Look up and engage.

Our individual existence isn’t planned. We are the product of 1,000,000s of random, unchartered meetings stretching back to when we painted our food on the walls of caves.
If any one of those fragile accidents had failed to ignite, I  wouldn’t be here now killing off another pointless Sunday. I’m here because a child many millenia ago didn’t get eaten by a predator. One ancestor cheeks the wrong Centurion and I don’t happen. Some pissed up 16th Century Roscommon peat cutter decides he’ll have a crack at her sister instead and I never even made being wasted in a Dublin wet dream or a Victorian Liverpool pub fumble.
The very weakest thread is the gossamer thin line that had to remain intact from the dawn of humanity. It snaps at any point then no me or you. I am instead today a tyre fitter from Penge, a midwife in Turin or an Iraqi goat herder. Don’t be so proud of your ‘roots’. It’s just a Web of trivial coincidence. 
There is, therefore, nothing particularly noble about my politics. I was not born with an empty file which made decisions based on compassion, equality and fairness. Nor was I, or anybody else, born venal, greedy and bigoted. If we realise this, we can divest ourselves of ego, self interest and, entirely manufactured, righteous indignation.
I am, like you, the product of my environment. Like history itself, what we are is a place in the river. The flow and direction is regulated by events and structures in situ much further back. My timeline wrapped it’s way through Irish History, a different kind of Liverpool slum poverty and to this shady existence. Any slight turn and I may have ended up elsewhere.  A buy to let landlord squeezing the last pennies from your kids muddy hands or a fucking Tory ! Anyone.
The right has kicked the living shit out of the left for 40 years. Those who benefit from greed, exploitation and dishonestly are aligned. Their background has given them simple values and aims. They unite like atoms because they have a simple understanding of where they are in that river. Be selfish, be corrupt, be immoral, work together and crush resistance. March across the splintering bones of others to one common destination. Be rich, have power and, the bottom line, fuck everybody else and their miserable lives.
They win because they don’t have rules of engagement and because the left bicker like pre school toddlers fighting over control of the sand pit.
I believe, rightly or wrongly, that people on the left are more intelligent, compassionate and fair. You either care about the hungry belly of someone you will never meet or you just don’t give a shit. That’s the basic difference to me. Bosses or workers.  No Checkpoint Charlie. Just an endless length between borders. Neither of which can be viewed by the other side.
However,  and it takes time to accept,  not everybody with left wing ideology is a Saint or is even mildly likeable. Frankly,  and it’s not a phrase coined by Marx,  there is amongst us a shitload of wankers. Some misguided, some lost souls and yes a good sprinkling of twats.
It’s human nature that many of the loudest voices are the most vacuous. Factionalism,  individual power bases and dick swinging are eye meltingly damaging.
See the common ground, negotiate differences and fight back. We are many and many more are waiting for direction.
Currently, we are isolated groups of individuals running through the building screaming ‘fire’ at glassy eyed, anaesthetised hordes who just don’t seem to hear or see us.
Personally, I have legged it from organised politics. I’ve had the privilege of meeting good people and being their comrades.  I always will be. I would fight to the death for them but organised politics brings a legion of egotism and shuffling for a place on the top table. It’s nearly always men of course. pretending to be feminist in the hope of a bit of dirty setting on the sly. Volunteering to take charge to see their names in print.  Alpha male self love. The big ape wanking in front of the little apes.  
All of us have a starting point and so many grab the first pillar of wisdom they reach and entrench themselves in its foundations. Reach a point at which even those with a generally shared sense of humanity are the enemy. Why ? Because they have different dead heroes. Their dead heroes are perceived to have betrayed or usurped your own long dead heroes. They have an alternative interpretation to our own 1 dimensional tablets of stone.
What are you ? Trot, Anarchist, Maoist,  Stalinist, Communist, Socialist,  Contortionist or student frigging dentist. Whatever you are, you are because that’s how the cards fell. Your shitty nappies weren’t impregnated with a golden consciousness that makes you the moral winner.
Well who are you, you may say. Exactly. I’m just Rebecca from Knotty Ash’s youngest grandson. The easily distracted lad who drops things. I’m not special but I recognise that. If I have an advantage it’s that I long ago stopped caring what others think of me. Sticks and stones may break my bones but they will mend and I will butcher you.
We are careering into Hell. Our kids will die in gutters if we don’t unite. If we stop sneering at the neighbours,  we can save our own kids.  It’s that urgent.
Educate the young and keep it positive. Point at the real enemy and tell them not to be swayed. I’m done. You are so many good people. Look at each other, listen and walk forward to the sound of the capitalist cannon.

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