Normal Service

The City Link Scandal is Capitalism made shiny and clear for all in a Ladybird book. A greedy, immoral man wants to be richer so he starts a Company, having ensured that he isn’t personally liable if the cock falls off the statue. He makes himself rich off the backs of others.
Employ cheap labour,  exploit it and shackle it to your enterprise.  Make an eye watering donation to your pals in the Tory Party. They will turn a blind eye to your excesses and kick the shit out of your workers rights.
Once the hard cash starts gushing in, caress the already sympathetic media with a sheepskin glove turned inside out. They will make you an entrepreneurs pin up. They will also divert attention from your avarice by shouting ‘its all the darkies fault’ and ‘what a cute Prince’.
You mismanage the company and betray your workers. Very important you don’t fuck the parasitic shareholders up the hoop though.  They are your class. Let them devour every last sinew off the rotting corpse. Don’t even pretend to give a gold flecked shit about the workforce. 
The workers will soon be distracted by their ignominious fate.  Long, sleepless nights dreading the dawn, unpaid rent, processed crap from the Food Bank and frightened kids. Worst of all that gut wrenching moment when you catch the look of frustrated contempt in your partners eyes. The callous, merciless impotence of poverty.
This is the reality of the massive open sewer that most of us have our tents pitched beneath. Like 18th century scavengers picking through the shit of the bosses. Grateful for a stench that signifies the filth hasn’t quite dried up.
Fear not though because relief is on the horizon. We are months away from an election that will change everything.  It will change nothing. This is a one party state. Names may change but the music will be the same.
You already know, with absolute certainty,  what the next government will be. Predominantly male, almost entirely white, generally privileged and definitely Capitalist.  It will answer to the City, demonise the poor, bow to the Queen and praise God.
Mostly, it will have Rupert Murdoch’s fingers up its arse.
Murdoch is the Kingmaker.  The voice that you hear and read is his. He knows who they are . The fuckers, gamblers, drug addicts, thieves, child molesters and the unfaithful.  He has his strings around their balls and they will dance to his tune.
The bloated demons gaze out of the turrets and they see subservience and clear sky. They are too arrogant. The fires are burning beneath the soil. In homes, schools, factories and in cyberspace. You can only swallow so much shite.
The propaganda wars have been theirs but they are being danced around now. They can’t change the message because it can’t get any more ludicrous.
Work frees us all. The ruling class is benevolent and philanthropic.  The Monarchy is a harmless tourist attraction.  Our armies are noble warriors fighting heroic, just wars. God is on our side. Ministers are Old Etonians because Eton breeds divine rule. Wealth trickles down !
Change won’t come from the vote. Minor reform and appeasement maybe but not change. That will come from a spark that ignites the flames. Then they will realise and regret. Then the circus will close.
Educate, argue, defy and reason. Tell your children that this is not living.  Turn the fucking telly off.

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