Happy Laughing Bastards

We live in the Worlds 7th largest economy. That’s rich. That’s obscenely wealthy. If nations were families in a neighbourhood, Britain would be the local landowner with two mistresses and the spoiled kids with the daddy issues. We would drive a Baby Bentley and snort coke off the Italian marble kitchen tops.
Incredibly, a significant number of people have to resort to going cap in hand to food banks to feed their families. The ruling establishment and their vile propaganda sheets would have you believe that food bank victims are idle, drug addled wasters sacrificing grocery shopping for massive flat screen tellies and gin debauched dinner parties. An obscene, cruel lie like so many other lies tossed in front of us like wet turds. Many working people rely on this help and many others are there because they are being slaughtered by vast, inflated utility bills.
Today, in the seat of government, our elected leaders debated the issue. You would imagine that the people, who have overseen this twisted immorality, would have hung their heads in shame and begged for forgiveness. They didn’t because they are Tories. They jeered, guffawed and heckled. They behaved like snotty public school boys swamping the Pimms fountain at the varsity rugger. Poor people going hungry is hilarious.
These are the vermin who the insanely deluded still believe will see the error of their ways.
The pretence of civility and fair play is extended only to their own class. They despise us and they want to destroy us. They are deliberately garrotting the welfare state and selling off public assets to their putrid ilk. Cameron, Duncan Smith, Gideon, all of them are putting the lippy plebs in their place.
This is no accident of history. This was planned in dormitories, private clubs and at ten grand a plate bankers dinners. Secret societies, High Court judges in golf clubs and media moguls oggling lap-dancers over cocktails have worked hard on this. If Thatcher was capitalists last great wank, this is the money shot.
They are breaking us and they don’t give a platinum shit what we feel about it. They want you living in slums feeding landlords with no sense of enough, your kids in cattle truck schools and yourselves in lifelong debt. If you are sick, find money or die. If you are disabled, die quietly. If you can’t work to profit the bosses, just die. Compassion has become as fashionable as the Hula Hoop or prawn cocktails and scampi in the basket. Unions destroyed, authorities militarised and an eye inside every hard drive. These are dark times and millions around us have no idea. They cheer their rulers, glorify their imperialist adventures and swallow vats of carefully manufactured shite.
We are going under and history will ask us why we chose to accept it. Why we accepted a capitalist government and a slightly diluted capitalist opposition. They are few and we are millions but this accelerated abuse is the last great battle. Within a couple of generations, we will be chained worker ants pushing our kids into machinery. Alternatively, we will be using their lawns as toilets and growing spuds on what used to be the 18th fairway. It’s crunch time. If you start to doubt or your resolve wavers, remember the image of silver spoon fed parasites revelling in the shame and misery of others.

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