Selfies, Charlatans and Bono

As the great and the good gathered in South Africa to score serious heavyweight statesman points, you wonder when integrity evaporated into dust. If you turn up at my funeral and take beaming selfies on your mobile, I will skip back from the other side and snap your inane, grinning face through your arse. Sideways.
Self aggrandisement has superceded respect and not by accident. The cult of personality and the pursuit of electability is all consuming. Western political leaders reacted to the death of Mandela in words carefully constructed and polished by spin drones. In direct contrast to the man himself, they put their own advantage before genuine compassion.
David Cameron could not give a gold plated, timeshare shit about the man. Somewhere in his mind, he moved from uppity colonial to that kind, avuncular old man who gives out trophies. His funeral is a global photo opportunity. Stage managed handshakes and empty rhetoric are poor tribute to such a great man. If you are so despised by the British ruling class, you did great things in your life.
It is now the job of the young to ensure that Mandela’s legacy extends beyond t shirts and student posters. To celebrate him as the antidote to posh chancers like David Cameron or celebrity opportunists like Bono.
The image of Bono sharing bonhomie with George Bush should be career suicide but it won’t be. He hunts with the pack and runs with the hounds. Championing capitalism and decrying poverty is a very confused stance. Even for such a gobshite as he.
Greatness, compassion, self sacrifice, honesty and fighting for the rights of others went out of fashion. Somewhere around yuppies, stealing public utilities and businessmen with brightly coloured glasses and pony tails.
Greed, the acquisition of wealth and dumping on the disadvantaged are the new meausures of a life lived well. It is the worrying hacking cough of capitalism. A futile attempt to move back to serfdom and not forward to sharing.
We will be represented at the funeral by Prince Charles. A pampered, parasitic white man who enjoys vast wealth. A direct descendent of those whose name Africa was ravaged in. They have no shame. Only entitlement and contempt.
This is the key phase. The star burning out. The wider you push the gap between the wealthy and the poor, the more you open the gate to change. That gap is now a chasm. No amount of state media suppression will prevent the voices of the disenfranchised being heard.
When the dust settles, history will remember and cherish Nelson Mandela. The other clowns will just be the empty, witless faces who jostled for column inches at a memorial service.

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