The Levee Breaks

On a main road in South Liverpool today, I saw something I have never seen before. The usual shuffle of traffic headed towards the City interspersed with buses and tatty vans but, in its imperious glory, a top of the range Rolls Royce stood out like a polo pony in a donkey derby. It was huge, had personalised plates and must have been lost. I noted its passing as it swept past grubby housing and a converted factory. A converted factory which employed thousands but now houses zero hours office workers on minimum wage, short term contracts. Ahead of me a few chilled souls were strung out on their way to not very much. As the gleaming, wealth barons substitute penis passed them, they all looked up and stopped for a moment. One middle aged man stepped into the road and waved it on its way with a hefty V sign. Another spat after it. I wondered if the hefty besuited passenger noticed or even cared. I laughed but then I started to think of the implications. The favoured few would call it envy, jealousy or a lack of ambition but they would be kidding themselves. It was a sign of the fermenting anger and resentment which has mushroomed in the last three or more years. People didn’t use to do that but they are angry, frustrated and resentful. This country is going to explode.

One of the great skills of capitalism is to maintain the fine balance between exploitation and revolt. For centuries they have succesfully simmered the pot. They keep the masses on low wages, working long hours and always just one step from financial ruin. Just enough to keep them preoccupied but productive. Occasionally it bubbles and they adapt but they have been acutely aware of the skills needed to maintain their privileged position. Somewhere in the last generation, particularly the last government, they have abandoned caution and it will be fatal. 

By way of example, look at Boris Johnson’s ‘Greed is Good’ speech at the perfectly appropriate Margaret Thatcher Tribute Dinner. I digress but what sort of slobbering cash n cum soaked lunatic would go to that ! It was an open declaration of elitist war, a vocal and hysterical call to arms for the worst kind of greedy, arrogant exploiter. Would he have done that a week before a General Election ? No, of course not. It is his equivalent of the angry scouser flicking the V at the car. They don’t care what you think anymore because they know that they are unelectable. They have a five year window to empty the vault and shove every last note into the bloated, engorged maw of the capitalist monster. A monster which is already close to blowing apart and is shitting greasy share portfolios.

There is no money left they plead. Its all been stolen by 1970 s trade union administrators, whiny cancer patients and a Polish family in Burnley.There is plenty of money. Enormous sums hidden offshore, in obscene personal fortunes and parasite hedge funds. There is money for military machinery that will never be used, a Royal Family and enormous investments. Just not for social security, schools, hospitals and keeping old people warm. We will never recover from this and it will end in flames.

Millions of people are in serious debt. It used to be worrying about holidays, paying for Xmas and retirement. Now its not being able to pay bills, life crippling loans, bailiffs, court orders, freezing cold homes and making the kids clothes last another year. People have nothing to lose and they are having their faces rubbed in it. They have remained subjugated this long through wilfully poor education and a media which is nothing less than a propaganda wing but the cracks are opening. Kids whose parents have always struggled are looking at a lifetime of poverty and demonisation. They will never have the security, shiny bright things or festive ad lifestyles. They are becoming legion, they are furious and they will organise.

Johnson and his allies must learn to fly. The day is coming when they will be stuffing what they could rescue into the luggage compartment and escaping at 3am. I say this in a quite dispassionate way. Its inevitable. If a little man in cheap armour keeps kicking a massive man then eventually he will be squashed. Their avarice has blinded their judgement, sense of entitlement has deafened them from the roars of anger. They are allegedly well educated individuals but they have failed to learn from the past. They will go the way of Caesar, the Pyramids, the witch burners and the men who bought piss to treat leather. They are an anachronism but a hugely destructive one. Blind dinasours wondering why the temperature has dropped.


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