Deep Cuts, Heavy Bleeding, Constant Lying

I was reminded how cowed, gullible, politically naive and, being honest, nailed on stupid so many of the public are. My local council, a Labour council, has spent the last three years cheerfully carrying out vicious cuts on behalf of their Tory masters. Jobs, services, amenities, hope, welfare, child care and care for the elderly have all been tossed aside in the race to compensate the bankers for their own criminal fraud. What do they get in return for this betrayal ? Hard to say really, it seems so immoral and perverse, but I imagine a tiny atom of diluted power keeps them stiff. Few quid in expenses, chance to meet someone off The X Factor maybe an account with a mini cab company and the occasional ticket for the match. Whatever reason, it can’t be justified. Getting a top seat at some hideous local business dinner, watching Joe Anderson rub his dick against the carvery, is no excuse for treachery. However, somewhere within that tureen of bubbling greed lies genius. The spin people, bright young posh kids looking which way to side for the best pension, have suggested that instead of just lopping off enormous chunks of responsibility, get the idiots to do it for you. They are now asking the public themselves where the cuts should fall. Like asking a condemned man to take responsibility for pulling his own lever as he trembles upon the trapdoor. Russian Roulette without an empty chamber. Don’t ask why, ask how. You end up wanting to stand in the street  screaming ‘wake up, wake up’.

This mixture of apathy, stupidity and generations of far right propaganda have created the fog which we live in. A thick pea souper of class based immorality allowing us to scratch our bellies and fart gently whilst we are being robbed blind in front of our very eyes. The ruling elite are tiny and move in micro circles. They don’t even hide under a cloth anymore. Consider the tragic theatre that is being wrought in our presence at this very moment. Look for the obvious if you aren’t actually dead. An Australian billionaire owns and controls a massive news empire without any tiny thread of honesty to trip it up. He reaches a point of corrupt power at which he decides who makes up the British Government. Everything, every decision, appointment, law, foreign policy and initiative requires his approval. For over thirty years he has directed a stupefied public into the ballot boxes to follow his whim. He is an extreme right wing, free market, cruel, spiteful, evil little man and he decides who governs you. He is happy to see lives ruined, communities closed, thousands butchered and decency crippled in order to make another cent. He orchestrates a political coup which renders this toxic coalition upon us. His preferred party leader of his preferred party becomes PM. He needs a special adviser, an inside man, to pull his strings and remind him who put him in the seat and who can remove him as easily. Murdoch’s current editor, and very special friend (riding partner) of the PM, tells the PM to appoint the former editor who she also happens to be shagging. The PM does what he is told and Murdoch has his own man at the centre of government manipulating policy. Both editors are then caught out having taken a massive runny dump all over the concept of a free, responsible press and end up in front of the beak. They are represented by the PMs brother. Incestuous !!!! Now just who is fucking who ! You would imagine the streets on fire and the the lamp posts creaking with swinging miscreants. People are too engrossed in manipulated distractions, trivia, red herrings and Lady Gaga’s granny pants. The Tories haven’t won an election for 21 years. This is a grotesque con. 

The KGB got away with it for decades. A relatively small number controlling a sprawled mass through fear. People are easily frightened and they are susceptible to lies. How do you steal peoples gas, electric and water then convince them to buy it back off you ! How do you give away their social housing, create a shortage then convince them to rent at massively inflated prices from your class/funders, force millions of people into poverty whilst enriching a tiny elite then convince others that the victims of this duplicity are lazy ! You brainwash into believing there is no alternative. People are terrified but not sure what it is they are terrified of. If you don’t pay the thieves from the energy companies, the world doesn’t stop turning. There is life beyond the red letter. Don’t be bullied. They are the thieves and you are their victims. When they complain, take the utilities back into public ownership. Address the loan sharks. Tax them to death and, when they squeal, tax harder until the squeal is a death rattle. Build public housing, cap rents and wipe out multiple landlords.

Do anything but stop bickering about terminology, squabbling about dogma and kick back hard. People are ready to turn. They have had enough and I certainly have. Watching everything you hold dear turning to shit flavoured candy floss in front of your very eyes and contemplating a cold, lonely death before being set ablaze on a funeral pyre of final demands. Amidst the idiots, attention seekers, needy, desperate and downright ignorant there are good people. People who understand that feeding hungry kids is more important than using the right terminology or getting the vapors because someone said something which they didn’t understand. Unite, kick back and save your kids lives. This can’t go on. Be there when it implodes. Cameron will come out of the Brooks/Coulson trial with more sick on his jacket than a dad at his bucolic child’s christening. The child abuse in high places scandal is going to explode and the people are looking long and hard at MPs with second homes and big energy bills. The media is theirs. Spread the word yourselves.









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