Rights not Wrongs. The Last Frontier.

The European Convention on Human Rights was not, as you have been encouraged to believe, constituted by sandal wearing hippies with a grudge against processed ham and village fetes. No bras were burned, it wasn’t an affront to the Queen and no skunk was imbibed in celebration. It isn’t a modern phenomenon dreamed up by dangerous intellectuals who the Daily Mail warned you about.
The Convention was born shortly after the war by a generation of people who had witnessed the cavalier attitude of political extremism to the interests and welfare of the individual. They didn’t watch a documentary on the History Channel, half listen at school or visit a museum. These people smelt the blood, slipped in the entrails, experienced pure terror, saw the bombed suburbs, unearthed the burial pits and lost the loved ones. They sat in packed cinemas and gagged at the first obscene newsreels from concentration camps. They knew that man can not be trusted unsupervised. The Convention is rooted in the first hand experience of people who realised how quickly the shiny gloss of civilisation can be stripped bare by bigotry, hatred and greed. One mans triumphant flag waving triumphalism is another sitting naked in a rat infested lock up with open sores where fingernails once grew.
The establishment fear people having tangible, answerable rights the way that cancer fears a cure. People are resources. Utilities to be used and abused for profit. Stripped of dignity, education, health care, the right to withdraw their labour and to say ‘leave me alone, I have rights’.
Each new set of self interested, extremist politicians create a fake bogeyman to frighten us into giving up what is ours. Hitler demolished the Jews, Nixon blamed communists and Thatcher hid behind trade unionists and the IRA. The current treacherous cabal uses Islam as its favoured kicking post. Spread your propaganda through a complicit media, twist events to fit your own agenda, quietly arrange a few outrages of your own and brew up a cauldron of mistrust and fear.
Feed public hysteria, tap into the tribal mistrust of the stranger and watch them hand over the keys to their own self determination. Anything to preserve the little they have been allowed. Fly your flags, love your Queen, enjoy your Sunday road and wait for the next World Cup. We will keep you safe from the monster.
Millions will fail to mourn the passing of the ECHR if the Tories get their way and kill it. Greasy Johnny Foreigner trying to tell us what to do, giving Bentleys to asylum seekers and banning the baby Jesus in his manger. Its true, it was in the papers. Everybody to know their place and let their betters have their little treats. Land of Hope and Glory, leather on willow, a fry up and the chance to work until you are 85. Toffs know what they’re doing. It’s magically implanted in the second term at Eton. Usually via the anus but they like that sort of thing. Who needs rights when you have capitalism.
The mad bombers will have been despatched before they even actually existed. Disappeared into secret courts, rendered aboard to be tortured, condemned and butchered without representation. However, that won’t be enough. In time it will be Trade Union leaders going to the same abyss. Then the left wing intellectuals, uppity women, Republicans, hunt protesters and this who know a little too much about certain discreet parties in orphanages.
One day they may even come for you and yours. It might be you sitting in a windowless room, thirsty and frightened. No solicitor, no trial. Just a night journey to a final solution. Let them engineer this outrage and your grandchildren will despise you for it.

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