Men, Women and the one sided game.

I grew up surrounded by strong women. People who fight, loved and protected and who were nobodys inferior least of all the man of the house. I was educated by example and i never forgot the lesson. When I see a group of elderly widows on an outing, im always struck by how happy they are. Likewise, a gang of women on a night out. They are relaxed, confident and happy because they are free. Free from appeasing him, stroking his fragile ego, making sure they don’t cause offence and generally wiping his backside. It says a great deal. Men are born with a ‘get away with it ‘card and they play it like the Ace of Spades throughout their lives.
If a fat, sweaty middle aged man wears a polyester football shirt, we may roll our eyes and wonder at his lack of self dignity . We don’t assume he is hoping to be picked up by a Premier League Manager. Perversely, if a young woman wears make up and a short skirt there remains a significant section within our society that assumes she is engineering to be gang banged by a posse of coked up young rakes feeding their ‘natural urges’. She isn’t, she has the right to dress anyway that she chooses. She can dress for herself not to impress somebody else.
These are attitudes that don’t just emanate from the stereotypical thick mysoginist. The ball scratching, arse crack cowboy, swollen tongued pub loser who knows what women really want. These attitudes drip like toxic pus from the media, judiciary , government, entertainment industry and every influential body you can think of. There has been depressingly little progress in terms of representation and influence.
Women make up 51% of the UK population. This anomaly is probably because God has grown weary of men refusing to crawl from the cave and play nice. The figures are vile. Barely 1 in 5 members of Parliament are women. Think about that for a moment ! Its a fucking outrage. Any attempt to challenge this obscenity meets sulking ,pants pissing whining and the determination to take the ball home because ‘its my game’. 5.5% of executive directors in the top 100 companies are women. It explains why so many of those companies are a three ringed circus. They are powered by testosterone ,male insecurity and dick waving arrogance .
Why are women so crushingly subjugated, casually abused and mistreated. It is because too many men are allowed to get away with it under the cover of an ancient and imposing wall built over thousands of years. If you are an ambitious, successful businessman in a top company, your chances of reaching the top are 95% better than your female colleague. Its a culture that has served you well. You aren’t going to change it. The last thing you need in the boardroom is a successful intelligent rival who will make your willy feel smaller if she outperforms you.
Away from public record, spoken quietly in nice company or bellowed drunkenly in upmarket lap dancing clubs they will still defend the status quo. Physical strength, vital for tapping a keyboard, is the key. Women are emotional, have babies and periods which turn their brains to marzipan. In such an environment they would be rendered ineffective by the biological need to mount every jowly, balding, plump member of the board whose Mummy always told him he was a prince.
It starts in childhood. Too many  young men need to learn that their mother isn’t the only woman who isn’t a jezebel. Topless tabloid models and top shelf porn is an issue. It underlines the culture that says women are for cooking, cleaning, child rearing and sex.
I can’t imagine that the early IT pioneers imagined that their invention would become a conduit for increasingly bizarre pornography and selling unwanted xmas presents. I feel sorry for sexually insecure young people today. In the 70s it was shaky German porn in which the mullet sporting lothario with the beer belly was little more than an enthusiastic amateur. Now you would assume that sex is an Olympic sport mastered by a well trained few. Massively endowed men doing gymnastics with scalpel sculptured women sporting  breasts like ‘the mountains around my grandfathers village’ . The unspeakable, the bizarre and the unwelcome have become standard items on the menu. Its depressing and its very sad.
I have daughters and I tell them not to take any shit. I have a son and I tell him not to slip into the lazy mould of insecure masculinity. I am a man myself with all the bullshit luggage that carries. I don’t have the answers but I can highlight the questions. It  is pointless to rage about social and political inequalities whilst half the population is still being excluded from the game.
It may seem to jar, the idea of a man being frustrated by the gargantuan gender imbalance. Im not merely a man. I am a person and im a father and somebody who adores his partner . I have lived half a century and seen little really change. Im too old, too frustrated and too bewildered to avoid causing offence. It will change but not out of justice or a sense of moral fairness. It will have to be gained step by step, shattered building by shattered building in bloody combat. The controlling leaders of the masculine establishment have far too much to lose.


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