The Lies That Bind

In a system which extols the wonders of the free market and tells us to stamp on the faces of our brothers and sisters to acquire wealth, why are so many people frozen solid by debt, working long hours for a pitiful minimum wage and lying awake half the night wondering how they will survive until pay day. Can we rest easily with the fact that we pay billions and billions to feed the furnace of bankers greed whilst forcing severely disabled people to rejoin the rat race? We should live in a society which is administered by compassion, fairness, justice and a sense of sharing and community. Instead we are governed, controlled and manipulated by a ruling class which cares only about the creation of personal wealth and the suppression of free will.

The foundations of this deception are built on a series of great lies. Not small white ones, discreet untruths or tactful fibs. I mean whoppers, massive fraudulent dishonesty pumped out into the atmosphere by a corporate media, self interested politicians, entirely immoral capitalist institutions and feral profiteers. They feed us shit and they pat us on the head and tell us that its fresh lobster. Privatisation creates investment, innovation and vitality. No, it does not at all. It persecutes workers, bleeds resources from development into the pockets of parasitic investors and steals assets from the public. People on benefits are lazy, dishonest and overfunded. No they are most definitely not. The vast majority are the victims of the very machine which demonises and humiliates them. Do you think that millions of people want to live on less than subsistence, be harrassed by unsympathetic beaureacrats, be forced on to schemes that make them give their labour away free and worry sick about feeding and housing their families? Of course they don’t its another massive lie. Point at the unfortunate poor so that you don’t look at the massively wealthy and ask why they are evading billions in tax.

We need to spend billions on defence, machines of mass destruction and put kids in uniforms. Why, who are these people that are going to attack us and take away our toys. We pay billions to oil the wheels of the global arms industry, to appease our American governors and make a very few people a great deal of blood money. Why are young men and women dying in Afghanistan. Why are families grieving for life and children growing up without fathers who have been blown to pieces in oil wars.Pick up the thread every time and trace it back to the same source which is profit. Private companies profiting from forcing the sick and vulnerable to work for a pittance, hedge fund investors profiting from selling the NHS into the hands of the free market, unscrupulous landlords and property developers making vast sums from the strangulation of public housing, the petro chemical industry generating trillions from high fuel costs. We have the most expensive rail network in the world. Is that because its the most comfortable and efficient ? No, its because it was stolen from the public and exists to make a small group of people a great deal of money not to get us from A to B chaeaply, safely and efficiently.

How is this obscene act of fraud perpetuated ? Essentially, it is an economic system that is fine tuned to keep you in a constant, carefully calculated sense of paranoia about debt and survival. You are allowed a certain income and a portion of it is to keep functioning and a portion is disposable income.Capitalism is an old, experienced foe. It works out how much you have and calculates the maximum that you can pay for housing, food, bills, motoring expenses and maintaining your tawdry position amongst your peers. It takes that and then it takes a little bit more to control you. If you are struggling to pay bills, stressed half to death about money worries and keeping afloat, you arent asking questions and demanding change. The disposable income is just the extra little bit they convince you to spend beyond your means to generate wealth. Its Xmas, are you going to disappoint your kids ? You are miserable and terrified so buy something shiny, go out and drink yourself stupid. Have a holiday you can’t afford, buy a bigger car than your brother in law. Keep up so that your partner wont resent you and your kids wont think that you are a loser.

It can’t continue this way. You keep taking from people who have little then pretty soon they have nothing. I look at my children and I feel a sense of cold dread at their futures. Stop consuming, stop fighting over scraps, unite and roar.

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