Hammering the Poor and Feeding the Wealthy

For once I agree with David Cameron. There exists, in this country, a ‘sense of entitlement’ which is toxic, unfair, divisive and prevents growth and progress. However, we are looking in very different directions. Cameron aims his vitriol at the traditional Tory default target, those who can’t defend themselves, and joins the deluded middle classes in a masturbatory frenzy of hatred towards the poor, unemployed, single mothers, young, underprivileged and desperate.  These people do not have a ‘sense of entitlement’, they have a pressing sense of anger, frustration, fear and anguish. If you want to see who feels entitled to steal from the rest of us, look no further than Cameron and his peers. Wealthy, spoiled, greedy, spiteful, corrupt, secretive, manipulative and existing purely to increase their own massively disproportionate share of the national wealth.  They are the scroungers, they are the ‘work shy’ abusers and they are the people who should be held to account.

The Tory parasites latest semi-coherent rantings about the benefit system are an exercise in class war. They meet their oily, duplicitous spin doctors and they go through a checklist based largely on the compassion vacuum which operates as the psyche of the average Daily Mail reader. This is the most open exhibition yet. Young people with their vigour, opportunity, ambition and futures, shaft them. Single parents, the perennial tory hate figure, attack them. People with children who are out of work, sterilise the bastards and stick their kids up chimneys.

They use expressions designed to cloak their true meaning for the sake of appearances. Not bury under 6ft of soil even but throw a loose blanket over. The greatest lie in this scandalous, vicious tissue of deceit is the term Housing Benefit. It is not Housing Benefit, it is Landlords Benefit. That ugly class of greedy, selfish exploiters who have seeped out from under the wastepipe since Thatcher gave away our social housing. Cameron deliberately talks of unemployed families outside London, how dare they be from outside London, claiming 25k in benefits annually. The Daily Mail reader in his crisp white y-fronts and his sensible slippers chokes on his All Bran and spreads the hatred. The families don’t see barely a penny, it goes to chancing, unscrupulous landlords squeezing every penny they can out of their bricks and mortar. Dare to criticise them and they explode in a self-righteous frenzy of capitalist justification.

Cap rentals at an affordable level, prosecute landlords who fail to fulfil their contractual obligations and tax them hard. For a 2nd home, and I appreciate that this is often a result of circumstances, 2% p.a. of the house value and 5% for each extra property up to 98%. Force them to sell them, provide affordable homes and spend the vast sums saved and the revenue on a programme of social housing which would improve lives and provide large scale employment. The majority are suffering for their greed.

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