Born to Rule

David Cameron is a product of his class. A direct descendant of William IV, son of a millionaire stockbroker and husband of an aristocrat, he has never worked in his life. He exists to protect privilege, he despises the working classes and he wears his breeding like a velvet colostomy bag. Born into great comfort, he went to a primary school favoured by the Queen and then he moved onto Eton. Eton proudly boasts of its alumni of Prime Ministers, business leaders, military figures and wealth makers. It chooses to ignore the irony that it is precisely its protected, sinister, elitist position which ensures that it has a near monopoly on powerful positions within the British establishment. At Eton he confessed to smoking cannabis but wasn’t expelled and was given a ‘Georgic’ (500 lines in Latin). Had he done the same at an inner city comp he would have ended up with an ASBO (painting 500 public toilets on Community Service).

With such a background it is easy to be sympathetic as to his odious personality and beliefs. To emerge, like a wet turd, from such a blue blooded, exclusive background and be anything other than a self-serving, arrogant parasite would take some strength of character. It is this background and granite like self-confidence which allowed him to make a complete ‘dobber’ of himself at the G20 summit in Mexico. David Cameron would look at President Cristina Fernandez and see little more than primordial soup so far beneath him as to appear like an ant. He is a product of special sperm so exquisite and cultured that it shot out of his father’s sack in a Cartier Egg. He is an Old Etonian, descended from royalty, married to a multi –millionaire, the shop front of global capitalism, white, male, probably heterosexual and, most of all, he is English. The chance to publicly lock horns with a darker skinned ‘fopsy’ from Argentina would have been overpowering. ‘Oiks’ like her get their heads flushed down the ‘lavatory’, have their arses slapped and stay up half the night to toast crumpets for the sons of the ruling classes. Consequently, he had no compunction in making a holy show of himself whilst surrounded by snotty looking Tory wannabees. The dignity of his office was fully compromised by his obnoxious, bullying ambush. Had I had the chance to speak to his victim beforehand, I would have taught her the expression ‘why don’t you go and try this shit in Liverpool, they would hand you back your public school arse in a Styrofoam chippy tray’.

If Fernandez wants Cameron’s Falklands to become her Malvinas she is going about it the wrong way. These people are so steeped in self- assurance, taught from birth that they are never wrong and so magnificently dismissive of debate that they will never react to diplomatic or military pressure. Find a way of making it profitable for the City of London and they will sail you to Port Stanley themselves and then build you a jetty out of the bones of workfare victims. The IRA spent decades wreaking slaughter throughout and won little or nothing. Eventually, the penny dropped and they started to attack the financial institutions. Within months the puppet masters delivered them to the table of the British government. They don’t give a flying shit about lives but reduced profits make them squeal!

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