Britannia keeps her knickers on

Charles De Gaulle may have been a weary old reactionary but he had Britain worked out. In 1963 he vetoed UK membership of the EEC because he thought the United Kingdom lacked the necessary political will to be part of a strong Europe. He also saw Britain as a “Trojan Horse” for the USA and deemed British and continental European economic interests to be incompatible. Right on every account though for British economic interests read the interests of the greedy British financial ruling elite.

Edward Heath eventually pushed the door open and for 38 years now a succession of British governments has conspired to fit Charlie’s stereotypes. Last night David Cameron pushed European patience over the brink and, in the interests of fellow parasitic capitalists, consigned Britain to the small table by the toilet. A table at which she will remain struggling to attract the interests of the waiter and complaining about the smell. David Cameron is an idiot.

The media in this country has always battled European integration and the public has swallowed every word with relish. A series of neo liberal capitalist administrations has fought shy of commitment, terrified that they may have to start acting in a more civilised, less rampantly exploitative fashion. ‘If we join the Euro, they will dig up Bobby Moore’s grave’, ‘Integrate with the mainland and London will be renamed Berlin North’, ‘ Frogs legs and flagellation will be made part of the national curriculum and I heard that they want to replace the Queen with Tintin and Snowy’.  Decades of scaremongering, lies, American propaganda and a fabricated memory of a glorious imperialist past have distracted us from reality.

Since 1973, Britannia has behaved like a Dowager spinster bride dragged screaming to the altar in the interests of holding onto the estate. Her family ruined the atmosphere at the reception and now, in possession of a gold band, she is in the bed chamber still terrified to consummate the marriage. Terrified of a Mediterranean finger pushing aside her drawers she has bottled it. With one hand clinging to the family silver and the other clasped over her fanny she has held out until her suitor has finally lost interest and retired to play with the others.  Now she is part of a family that should have protected her and helped her prosper. Instead she is the batty old bag with no voice in her future, no friends and no idea what to do next.

When capitalism collapses all of this will be a moot point but ,for now, Little England has closed the curtains a little tighter and sits on its windy little island remembering the ‘good old days’ and relying on a group of mega wealthy, Oxbridge educated, wolf pack capitalists to save it. They won’t, they will render the country desolate and exile to lavish boltholes when the time to answer the charges arrives.

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